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A Passion to Make a Difference

Hi there! My name is Nicole Bird and I am one of the new interns at ZOE for the semester. I am a senior at California Lutheran University and am studying Criminal Justice. Most of my professors have incorporated human trafficking into their courses. They have realized that this understated crime is in desperate need of attention and solutions.

As the next generation into the working world, it is imperative that we fully understand the dangers of human trafficking and the consequences that ensue. As a way to do this, one of my professors from junior year asked Hanne and Vickie from ZOE to come and speak to our class.

I had already known a little about human trafficking from other classes, as well as from my own research. When first hearing about trafficking, I was completely blown away. I could not believe that this crime is able to go so under the radar, both domestically and internationally. It is such a vicious crime, and a complete violation of the human rights that individuals are innately born with. As I continued to learn, I kept asking myself, why aren’t people doing more about this? These thoughts were fluttering through my head as Hanne and Vickie spoke to my class. As they shared more information about human trafficking, I knew that I had to somehow get involved. That is when Hanne started to discuss MyGenMyFight.

MyGenMyFight is ZOE’s countrywide effort to start clubs at colleges and high schools to raise awareness about human trafficking and keep people informed. I knew that this was the program that I needed to participate in because it was targeting my generation to start making a difference.

Being a part of this program has been the biggest blessing. I am so grateful that I am able to help teach those older, younger, and the same age as me about this terror plaguing our world. I help to create meeting guides, so that the nationwide MyGenMyFight clubs can stay on track and talk about the right things. We want to prompt them with facts, but then leave their meetings open to discussion. Talking about this issue, and asking questions, are perhaps some of the most beneficial ways of learning and spreading awareness. Not only this, but I have also teamed up with the Criminal Justice Club at CLU where I will be giving a presentation on human trafficking and ZOE. I will then create an outreach that can be done with ZOE and the CLU Criminal Justice Club for the victims of child trafficking.

I have realized so far during my internship that most people have difficulty wrapping their heads around the idea that people can be capable of such evil. It most definitely is a frightening thought and reality, but the good news is is that there is HOPE, and a lot of it. That hope comes in the form of trusting God, and the work of ZOE.

If you would like to start your own club at your high school or college, and want more information, please contact Hanne (hanne@gozoe.org), or myself, Nicole (nicolenbird@gmail.com).

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