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Everyone Can Do Something!

A big THANK YOU to Julia Wang and the youth at Chinese Baptist Church of Orange Country (CBCOC) in Anaheim, CA for hosting a rummage sale to raise funds for ZOE International. Julia’s church heard about ZOE through a few of their church members who work at Liferay, a software company that also supports ZOE. After hearing about ZOE, they were interested in learning more about how they could get involved as well.

I asked Julia what made them decide to host a rummage sale and donate their proceeds to ZOE. She answered, “Previously our church has supported International Justice Mission through a program the high school youth group created years ago called Raise 100 to Free 100, where we set a goal to raise $100,000 to free 100 people from modern day slavery. The church has recently met that goal and learned a lot about human trafficking through the process. Since IJM is so heavily involved in the rescue work of human trafficking victims, we thought it would also be beneficial to support the work of organizations like ZOE who are working to restore victims of human trafficking after they have been rescued as well.”

Some items they sold at their yard sale were clothes, electronics and cookware just to name a few. Julia said “All the "good stuff" was taken in the first hour or two of the sale. There was a griddle and pretty good speakers that were sold almost immediately. We also had chairs and shelves. All of these were items that church members and neighbors had donated, so we're very thankful for all the support that we received.

One of CBCOC’s college student that attends Cal State Fullerton, Melody Sitt, has a heart for social justice and decided to donate the funds from her benefit concert to ZOE this past summer. The concert was called Hope Over Bondage and entailed performances as well as informational and food booths.

We are so thankful and excited for the youth at CBCOC joining the fight against human trafficking.

“Alone we can do so little: Together we can do so much.” by Helen Keller

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