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God Uses It All

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely week. My name is Brianna Thompson, though I am referred to by my nickname, Breezy. I am pleased to say as of this spring I am one of ZOE’s new interns. I am currently in the application process for College of the Canyon’s respected and highly competitive Nursing program, where I will receive the critical training I need in my future career.

The first time I heard about ZOE International was at my church, The Sanctuary. However, I attribute my personal journey with ZOE to my first college course, The Fundamentals of Public Speaking (a requirement for the Nursing program). It was in this class where I was required to write and conduct a speech about a worldwide problem. My brother had visited ZOE’s Children’s Home in Thailand a few years prior, and I knew a limited amount of information about human trafficking because of him. I knew I needed to focus my speech on this atrocious reality. As I nervously stood before my class, a desire began to grow in my heart—I wanted to tell more people about this worldwide problem. That assignment prompted me to talk to Betsy Meenk who is a staff member at ZOE about the growing passion I had to tell people in my generation about human trafficking. Guess what she told me? “You need to go to Thailand and see first-hand what ZOE does.”

God seriously weaves everything together so beautifully! From a college course, to going to Thailand, to joining a college speech team to improve my speaking skills, to starting a MyGenMyFight club at COC. God is using it ALL.

I am interning at ZOE in search of further opportunities to learn more about trafficking. I want to be equipped with the necessary tools to share with others in an effective manner. I am so blessed to be surrounded by these incredible leaders and world changers. I know I am learning far more than I ever hoped, prayed for, or currently recognize. I take this internship as another opportunity to pray: “Thank you Lord for this open door to trust in you once again. Thank you for leading me, even though I often follow with feelings of extreme discomfort because I don’t understand your plans.”

To join the fight and start a club at your school, go to:

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