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Camp at ZOE

Here at ZOE we have two major school breaks a year. One in October and the other in March-May. This year we are running three different week long camps simultaneously for our children, pre-teens and teens. By separating them into three different age groups, we can develop more age appropriate lessons and activities.  Needless to say, it is a whirlwind at ZOE!  Wherever you look there are activities going on non-stop. From games on the lawn to excursions to various locations, the coordination is simply AWESOME! Between Thai staff, missionaries and our Leadership Training Program students, everyone is going all out!

banner photo: "The ZOE kids on their excursion to the Mae Kuang Dam in Doi Saket. This is one of the most beautiful locations in the area."

It was carnival day on the ZOE lawn!

Everyone was excited about having so many games at once!

While we have a lot of fun... learning the Bible and English are critical parts of the camps as well.

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