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Finding ZOE International

¡Hola a todos!

¡Mi nombre es Cristina Amaro y yo soy una pasante de ZOE!

English translation: My name is Cristina Amaro and I am currently an intern at ZOE! I graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in International Studies and an emphasis in Latin-American Studies (I really love tacos). I have also completed two years of Theology studies through Portland Bible College.

Since graduating from Pepperdine University a couple years ago, I have lived as a missionary in both Mexico and in Thailand. The first organization I served with was a children’s home located in Baja California, Mexico. The second organization I served with was located in a border town of Thailand where our main focus was the rescue, prevention and rehabilitation of children from human trafficking. Both these experiences solidified for me that I wanted to dedicate the rest of my life to ending trafficking and helping children find freedom and healing.

On returning home to California last year to possibly pursue a couple years of graduate school, I was very anxious to seek out a Christian organization that was fighting to end human trafficking and specifically, fighting child trafficking here locally. To my great delight and amazement, I was connected to ZOE through a friend from my church. I discovered that not only was ZOE located in Thailand, but that they are also currently working on building a children’s home in Los Angeles. I wanted to volunteer with a local organization to learn more about human trafficking within my own backyard and how I could combat this great social injustice here at home and not just abroad. My hope is to continue to serve with ZOE for as long as I can, and I am especially excited to be joining a short-term missions trip with ZOE to Thailand this summer.

I am currently working on introducing my local church to practical ways we can fight human trafficking within Ventura County which is right next door to L.A County. I am also a part of the MyGenMyFight team, an outreach program through which we at ZOE help raise up leaders in high schools, colleges and youth groups to raise awareness about human trafficking through social justice clubs. One of my passions is empowering other young social justice leaders so joining the MyGenMyFight team has been incredibly exciting and rewarding for me already!

My future plans involve eventually returning to being a long-term missionary abroad either in Thailand once again or in Latin-America. I would like to become a Spiritual Director who oversees the spiritual formation and healing of children who are being raised in children’s homes who have had to overcome  unimaginable trauma in their young lives. I would also like to develop a soul care ministry for these children as well as a soul care (self-care) ministry for other missionaries and ministry leaders that will enable them to continue to be effective and healthy on the mission field. I truly believe and have seen that it is the love of Christ working through us that sets children free not only physically but in their inner being as well. I would love to see more and more hurting children be set free from their pasts in order to live out the full calling and purpose God has for each and every one of them! I am thankful for ZOE and all they are doing already to make this dream a reality in the lives of so many!


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Sandra Amaro
April 22, 2017 at 4:06 am

We are so proud of you! God has gifted you with a true love for people, especially children. May God continue to lead you and keep you as you follow his calling in your life!

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