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Take a Tag!
by Karen Miyamoto This year, ZOE decided to launch our very own Giving Tree!  15 churches, schools and businesses are
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Compelled to Give
by Hanne Fellers December is so many things.  It can be extra busy with finals, extra holiday activities such as
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Relentless Leaders
by Marji Iacovetti ZOE representatives were invited to speak briefly at the last two meetings of the LA County Board
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Christmas time at ZOE!
by Karen Miyamoto With Christmas just weeks away, ZOE Children’s Home located in Thailand, is in full swing, ready to
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Honest Reflection
Written By - Hanne Fellers I’ve been in a season where I am reflecting and constantly being reminded of why
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To Dance or to Bike…that is the Question!
by Hanne Fellers Art and artistic expressions can move you and make you feel emotions such as feelings for compassion,
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Even in the Midst of Transition
By Karen Miyamoto If you have been following ZOE long enough, you know by now that there are things always
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A Successful Village Outreach
written by Les Ginoza The August 2017 Short Term Team recently accompanied our bible school and human trafficking awareness team
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