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December 5, 2017 - No Comments!

Relentless Leaders

by Marji Iacovetti

ZOE representatives were invited to speak briefly at the last two meetings of the LA County Board of Supervisors as our top county officials considered motions related to human trafficking. We were honored to share insights based on ZOE’s experience. 
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September 11, 2017 - 2 comments

Even in the Midst of Transition

By Karen Miyamoto

If you have been following ZOE long enough, you know by now that there are things always happening at the ZOE USA office.  From going to conferences to meeting with church pastors to big projects like opening up ZOE Children’s Homes Los Angeles, the USA staff is always on their toes keeping busy with the various projects.  Currently the USA office is going through a big transition.  The office in which we called home for the past 14 years is no longer our home.  We are moving!  Though we have not found a permanent office location yet, we are super excited and very much looking forward to a new office space that we will be able to grow with.  Great things are to come for the USA office!

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June 19, 2017 - No Comments!

We Need Each Other

“Not one of these kids who have succeeded has done it without connection to at least one supportive adult.”

     Nola Brantley
     Human Trafficking Survivor, Advocate, and Educator

An amazing survivor of child trafficking made this statement recently. Her words confirm a basic, well-known truth:

We need each other.

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June 13, 2017 - 1 comment.

Little Heroes Making a Big Impact!

Written By:   Karen Miyamoto

I love highlighting our little heroes that are doing big things!  This months’ little hero is Hope Zazueta.   Hope is 11 years old and has always had loved helping others.  In the past, she and her family have attended ZOE’s Rescue Walk, raised money for ZOE International and donated items like socks during Christmas time.  I had the honor of interviewing this amazing little girl. 

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April 3, 2017 - No Comments!

Camp at ZOE

Here at ZOE we have two major school breaks a year. One in October and the other in March-May. This year we are running three different week long camps simultaneously for our children, pre-teens and teens. By separating them into three different age groups, we can develop more age appropriate lessons and activities.  Needless to say, it is a whirlwind at ZOE!  Wherever you look there are activities going on non-stop. From games on the lawn to excursions to various locations, the coordination is simply AWESOME! Between Thai staff, missionaries and our Leadership Training Program students, everyone is going all out!
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February 8, 2017 - No Comments!

One Very Popular Mushroom Farm

While we have many self sustaining agricultural projects around ZOE, one that's very popular amongst the family are mushrooms.  Our ZOE family loves mushrooms so much they just can't get enough of them! Mushrooms are fairly expensive, but thankfully, we have a huge mushroom farm to keep our tastebuds satisfied. 

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September 26, 2013 - 1 comment.

Boys’ Home Dedication

For roughly the past two years, ZOE has been in the process of planning and building its newest addition.  This new space will be used as a teen boys’ dormitory, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  With the launch of the ZOE Education Program, an education wing is needed in the main building, so the rooms vacated by the boys when they move into the new building will be put to immediate use.

At the beginning of this project, ZOE was approached by the Goldstone, Regenstreif, and Regency Lighting families who committed to funding the entire project!  Now after all the planning, designing, and construction, the new home was recently dedicated.  Many of the donor family members were able to make it out to Chiang Mai, Thailand where they received a grand “thank you,” ZOE style.

ZOE_BoysHome1Only the finishing touches are needed to complete the building, and it’s easy to see that the boys are eager to move into their own space.  Within the next few months, we will be able to hear the shouts of a ping-pong tournament and see them on the balcony doing their homework. ZOE_BoysHome2



We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: thank you to the Goldstone, Regenstreif, and Regency families.  We are eternally thankful for your generosity in making this much needed dream a reality.

July 8, 2013 - No Comments!

Friends of ZOE

We are in exciting times.  ZOE is growing and people are getting on board to help end the trafficking of children in Southeast Asia.  A few examples are Marla Pascarelli, Dan Gillespie, and Randy and Tammy Bauer.  They have taken it upon themselves to help fundraise for ZOE’s many ministries.

Marla, a longtime friend and supporter of ZOE, set up a fundraising page on for a run in which she is participating.  While Marla hasn’t considered herself a runner in the past, she felt that running to raise money for ZOE was something she could do.  Her resolve to train is strengthened every time she remembers that what she is doing will help orphaned children and those who have been trafficked.

Dan Gillespie

Dan Gillespie

Dan is another runner who happened upon the ZOE website.  So far he has raised more than $1,400!  Dan says, “Occasionally in life, we choose to look beyond our own immediate needs and desires and open our eyes to the needs of those around us.  It is not always convenient or comfortable to do so, but once we do, if we are truly human, we find it difficult or even impossible to once again look the other way and let such great injustices go unconstrained.”  This is true wisdom as not only are our minds opened to injustices going on in the world, but Jesus Himself commanded us to “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:39).

Tammy Bauer

Tammy Bauer

Tammy Bauer was recently on one of ZOE’s short-term mission trips. While she was visiting, God moved in her heart to begin making stained glass sun catchers, night-lights, and jewelry boxes alongside her husband.  All of the profit earned has gone to ZOE.  So far they have made more than $700 and orders for their creations keep rolling in!

Praise God for the love and support we get from people every day!  These examples perfectly illustrate how anyone can help in the fight against child trafficking, exploitation, and abuse.

June 23, 2013 - No Comments!

ZOE Benefit Concert

Foothill Covenant Church Hosts Benefit Concerts

A String Quartet

A String Quartet

Within the past month, Foothill Covenant Church has hosted two youth benefit concerts for ZOE International. The talented musicians performed pieces by Bach, Bartok, Beethoven, Fauré, and Mozart, and your ears would certainly be deceived into believing these young men and women were seasoned professionals. A well-performed melody of string, piano, and voice has a special way of lifting the soul, and that effect was certainly captured in these concerts.

ZOE is so incredibly thankful for young people who have a passion to see change in the world. It is also encouraging to know that partners in the United States support ZOE’s mission to fight for those who cannot fight for



themselves. By stepping up and taking action like this to help open the eyes of those who have not heard about human trafficking, these performers have entered into the fight against human trafficking themselves.

Thank you again for your courage, talent, and prayers. Please remain alongside ZOE as we fight the good fight together.