ZOE protects the identity and dignity of children and does not show trafficked children.



Survivors of human trafficking begin a new life when they enter ZOE Children’s Homes. We welcome orphans, at-risk children, and rescued trafficking victims into our Restoration program. As part of our aftercare services, children are placed in a safe home where they receive meals, education, and unconditional love. The goal of ZOE’s Aftercare program is to restore the lives of human trafficking survivors and help them heal from their past, so they have the courage to plan for their bright future.

"We have seen incredible learning and growth in every child at ZOE. The tireless work of the parents, tutors and education team helps to give the children at ZOE every chance to not just learn, but to excel in their education."

– Oratai Saisingtong, Assistant Director, ZOE Thailand  


When we rescue a child from human traffickers, the child enters one of our safe houses. In these houses, child trafficking survivors receive short-term specialized care that involves rehabilitation, counseling, medical checkup, acclimation, and witness protection. In certain child trafficking cases, the Department of Social Welfare may recommend the child move into ZOE’s aftercare facility for long-term or permanent care. ZOE Children’s Homes always act in the best interests of the child. From coordinating the child’s transition into her or his new home to providing continued support in all areas of life, the goal of our Aftercare program is to restore the child’s life. Our care is based on a family model. We have a ZOE parent-to-child ratio between 1:1 and 1:6, depending on the age and special needs of each child. We accept children between the ages of 0 to 17 years old. For ZOE children 18 years or older, we provide continued support and offer scholarships for those pursuing higher education. Several former ZOE children have graduated from college and returned to ZOE to work as staff. These individuals serve as house parents in the Child Rescue Department, offering legal assistance, teaching children, and providing architectural expertise.

In 2010, ZOE built a 40,000 sq. ft. facility on 20 acres of land, thereby expanding our capacity to 250 children. In 2013, we added 5,700 sq. ft. of additional living space for our boys’ home that accommodates 60 additional beds for at-risk and rescued victims of child trafficking. You can help end child trafficking by donating to ZOE. We put your donation toward children’s food, shelter, and education. Every amount counts. Make a difference and donate.     

Our Aftercare Program Includes:

  • Secure facilities
  • Holistic rehabilitation
  • Christian values
  • High quality academics
  • Vocational and life skills training
  • Excellent healthcare and nutrition
  • Integration of Thai culture 
  • Transitional Program


We respect and value the local culture and encourage activities that promote both the Thai culture and that of the rural ethnic tribes where the children may have origin. ZOE Children’s Homes facilitate this through a range of activities, including songs, music, dance, crafts, and storytelling.

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