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ZOE Receives Award From the Children’s Hunger Fund


Children’s Hunger Fund Award ZOE

ZOE International founders Michael and Carol Hart were thrilled to receive the 2010 Children’s Champion Award for ZOE’s work rescuing children from human trafficking, helping them recover, and empowering them with a new future.

Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) has closely partnered with ZOE Children’s Homes since 2008. Through this partnership, CHF has relied on ZOE as its chief distributor in Thailand for a large food distribution program called the Mercy Network. In addition to a variety of other benefits, the Mercy Network program helps prevent child trafficking activities by reducing the vulnerability of communities. ZOE not only rescues children from modern day slavery, but also works to holistically solve the problem by empowering communities to protect themselves.

We understand that human traffickers prey on people who are the most vulnerable in our society. We are empowering local community leaders and giving them both the resources from CHF and passing on our knowledge of child trafficking, so that by being both educated and cared for we are reducing their vulnerability”.

Michael Hart –ZOE CEO & Founder

“I recall when we first began working with the CHF leadership. It was such a wonderful relationship right from the beginning. Our strategic goals lined up perfectly. CHF helped empower ZOE to distribute over 20,000 pounds of rice to a network of vulnerable communities through local churches. Additionally, Children’s Hunger Fund provided food for the ZOE children for several months. I remember months that were financially challenging for ZOE, and this extra food money helped tremendously”

Greg –Director of Child Rescue


I truly believe that ZOE and Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) were meant to serve together. Like Greg said, from the beginning of our relationship, it has been so wonderful and our strategic goals line up perfectly. It has been an honor and a privilege to be able to partner with such an amazing organization like CHF.

A very excellent video on the partnership between Children’s Hunger Fund and ZOE and the children they serve. The faces of the children reflect love and hope, not just from the food provided, but from the love of God in each heart. Amazing love.

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