Sponsor a Child With Guardian Alliance

ZOE International Launches Guardian Alliance

Sponsor a Child Rescued From Human Trafficking

When I see children rescued from human trafficking running and laughing throughout the house, I am reminded that ZOE International is aptly named. ZOE in the Greek language means “life” and our children are overflowing with new life and energy. It is a great privilege to see them grow and develop. We have wanted for some time now to share their lives with our supporters. We’re calling our new child sponsorship program the Guardian Alliance.

The picture of the mighty wings of a defending angel enfolding each of our children was an inspiration.

The packaging is dramatic and beautiful. You can expect to receive quarterly updates and, because you will be “joining” during the ground level of this new program, you can pride yourself as one of the first to make a direct impact on our rescued children. We are excited to be able to share this opportunity with you all. CLICK HERE for more information or contact ZOE International’s U.S. office at 661-255-7963 to start your child sponsorship today.

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