More Than a Shelter…It’s a Home

More Than a Shelter…It’s a Home

It was a sight to behold:  As the representatives and donors from Life Outreach International drove out of the forest and pulled up to the new ZOE Children’s Home in Northern Thailand, they stood speechless, tears of joy in their eyes, at the site of the newly completed “House of Destiny.” Life Outreach International raised and donated the money to bring into reality the first phase of ZOE International’s vision of a 150-acre campus that will one day provide a safe home, education, and spiritual mentoring to 2,500 children. It was very humbling to be present that day in January for the dedication of the House of Destiny and a powerful reminder that with God, nothing is impossible!

A prayer of dedication was read by all those present, in English and Thai.

Our prayer is that this will be a safe home for thousands of children for generations to come.

Truly touching was to see the ZOE kids, many of whom were homeless not so long ago, standing in front of their beautiful new home now filled with joy and happpieness.

During the celebration, 12 year-old BanYat came forward to share his testimony.  He thanked the Life Outreach International visitors telling them: “I have nothing to give back to you.  But I promise that when I grow up, I will follow your example of helping others.”

ZOE Children’s Homes (zoe means “life”) is committed to stopping child trafficking, as well as to the rescue of orphans and children in harm’s way, while raising global awareness of  human trafficking. We are dedicated to providing homes that offer hope and a future to those rescued.  Every child has his or her own story and we are so privileged to be helping these children to become all that they were created to be.

ZOE exists to make a transformational difference in children’s lives.  As little BanYat promised, we are certain that when our ZOE kids grow up, they will be a powerful force to combat the evils of human trafficking and the child sex trade as leaders within their own nation.  The impact that the House of Destiny is already making will be felt far beyond the borders of Thailand, stretching around the world!


I remember when Andie and I went to see the land in 2009. We stood on one of the concrete foundations. It is amazing to not only see it completed but also see the children enjoying their new home!

I saw the buildings going up, nearly brick by brick (literally). And although it was quite an accomplishment to see it finally finished, it doesn’t come close to the emotions I felt as I saw the children pull up to their new home and squeal with excitement and awe. I’ll never forget that day!

I remember sitting in the car with the donors as we pulled up to the House of Destiny that morning of the dedication. As the donors stepped out of the car and saw the completed children’s home for the very first time, tears began flow. They saw their dream become a reality. More tears flowed as they heard children, like Banyat, share their heart of thanks. It was a day we all will never forget!

Preparing for the dedication was almost as fun as the dedication itself. I was at the Children’s Home until late the night before, pumping up the balloons for the next day’s ceremony. As I began to pump up the balloons, I noticed a group of teens sitting and talking. I motioned for them to join me and before I knew it there were over 15 people pumping up the red and white balloons. We talked and laughed as we worked diligently on our task – but occasionally one of the balloons would pop and we would all scream! It was so much fun. That was a great moment for me and I’ll never forget it.

I have just learnt about the Zoe House of Destiny I was very moved and I have a 3 year old grand daughter named Zoe I knew I had to support you God Bless all the workers.

Thankyou for the new life you are making possible for many Blessings Toni Parker.

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