Critical Success Factors: Education

Critical Success Factors: Education

Human traffickers prey on those who are most vulnerable in our society.  Education and awareness training are keys to protecting communities and individuals from human trafficking

Greg – ZOE Director of Child Rescue


After rescuing a child from slavery, a significant challenge is equipping that child with not only a quality education but knowledge that will protect them.  One of many consequences of child exploitation and trafficking is that rescued children have had little or no formal schooling.  At ZOE, whether these rescued children are sheltered temporarily or long term (depending on what is best for the child), we are committed to ensure that these children are better educated and informed about human trafficking.

Further, part of ZOE’s holistic strategy in combating human trafficking is not only to rescue children, but also to work with families and communities to increase their resilience to the ploys of trafficking agents.

Here are some examples ZOE’s critical success factors:

  • ZOE Human Trafficking Awareness Program
  • Prevention and Intervention Hotline
  • Community Watch
  • Child Sexual Abuse Training
  • Vocational and Language School Training
  • Economic Alternatives:  Business Training
  • Relief and Aid (Food and Medical Programs)

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