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ZOE Child Writes About Her Dreams

I am very happy living at ZOE.  The first day that I came, I felt like it was a miracle that I had a new life because ZOE had everything for me:  clothes, food, soap and beautiful shoes.

Everybody welcomed me warmly.

At that time my heart was beating like crazy because I felt very hopeless with my life before I came here.

I met a lot of bad things.  However, I was ready to set goals and was happy to have this new life.

The smiles and the laughter that fills ZOE made me glad when I was lonely and made my sadness go away.

The founders, staff, sponsors and people who help us are the most important in this place.  I am very thankful for everyone who is part of this home.  I promise that I will be a good girl.  I will study hard, be patient and deal with the struggles that I meet.

My dream is to be a doctor for everyone.  Even though I am not a doctor yet, I have inspiration from supporters.

Although, some supporters live far away, I am still thankful that they have been helping us all along.  Everything that you invest in me, you will not regret because you will see this girl succeed and my dream will come true in the future!



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