ZOE Child Rescue: Not Just the Numbers

ZOE Child Rescue: Not Just the Numbers

One question that we are often asked is:

How many children will ZOE rescue?

It’s easy to assume, “The more children we rescue, the better we are doing our job.†But unfortunately, the reality of human trafficking is that the “statistics†are stacked heavily against everyone who is fighting human trafficking.

After reading the 2015 Trafficking in Persons Report, (updated from original post) it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the task at hand.

In an ideal situation, children should be raised by a father and a mother who love and care for them. In an ideal situation, children should be nurtured, educated and loved within their communities and extended families. Unfortunately, the reality of what actually happens in many families is vastly different to this “ideal†and far too often, much more damaging than I wish to dwell on.

Consequently, this harsh reality is also what motivates me to get to work.  I am so thankful that ZOE executes critical programs that continually impact those large statistics presented in the TIP report.  Those “statisticsâ€, those “numbers†represent real people, real lives! They are actual children who are waiting to be rescued, given freedom and a new future.

Simply filling the children’s home is not our purpose.  We will act in the best interest of every child, and we will nurture children until such a time when their safety is assured.  In 2005, when we investigated Nong Nung case, we knew the right choice was to intervene and bring him to our children’s home.  But after over 5 years, there was a dramatic change in his family whereby ZOE was able to reunite this boy with his mother.

ZOE actively works in the best interest of each rescued child, knowing that the ideal place for children is with their families and communities. However, the child’s safety is of utmost importance, especially when a child is an orphan or has no one to fight for them.

Three children sitting on a grassy hill


That is why I am grateful to be working on the front line alongside the ZOE Child Rescue Team.

The ZOE Child Rescue Team is equipped and qualified to assist law enforcement  and other governmental authorities, as well as link with community organizations to help children that are victims of commercial exploitation, significant abuse or trafficking activities.

The ZOE Child Rescue Team is made up of the hardest working and dedicated individuals I have ever met.

They stop at nothing to ensure the safety of each child, and it is so incredibly humbling to work alongside people of this caliber.

Their desire is to not only rescue children, but to also empower families and communities to properly safeguard and love their children.  Despite being hindered and threatened by those in the business of buying and selling children, they are making a big impact on the statistics  …one life at a time.

For those of you who are of faith, I ask that you commit to praying for this select group of men and women who put their lives in danger so that children can be safe.

And to the ZOE Child Rescue Team: We applaud you!



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It’s so wonderful to know that the ZOE Child Rescue Team works in cooperation with law enforcement officials and that ZOE is committed to doing whatever is in the best interest of each rescued child.

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