Bug Swatting

Bug Swatting

It could almost be a national sport!

Walking around the children’s home, you often hear the sound…. “Swoosh…. ZAP!”   As you turn your head in the direction the noise came from, you see the remnants of a fried mosquito or other such creature fall slowly to the ground.

The device used to “fry” these bugs is shaped like a tennis racket and “zaps” when it comes into contact with small, unwelcome pests.

Protecting the kids at the ZOE Children’s Homes is something that we take seriously…

Volunteer Rob Tang spent many years playing tennis in California, but I bet he never realized how useful his serve and volley would become in a children’s home in Thailand.  Rob is known to be one of the quickest swatters at ZOE, however staff member P Am currently holds the record for the biggest catch.

This month is the migration season for the flying termite.  At night these bugs are attracted to any light.  The bugs swarm to lights for several hours each night (even getting inside through closed windows and doors) and then eventually fall to the ground and die.

To ensure that, as always, nothing goes to waste, some of the ZOE parents put buckets under the lights.  What do you suppose they do with these bugs?

Well let’s just say they face a similar fate as the bugs we ate for lunch

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