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Kids Helping Kids is a Blast!

This summer has been an amazing ride for ZOE's Kids Helping Kids program.  Launched in 2007, this program was created by ZOE to help American children learn the value of money and also for them to learn about giving to others who are in need.  There is a whole kit that comes with this program which includes giftbags for the kids as well as plastic quarter tubes that they fill up.  Each tube holds $15 in quarters.  The children learn what can be purchased here in the States vs. what you can buy in Thailand.  For example, $15 can buy you perhaps 1 DVD here in the States, whereas in Thailand, it will buy 45 nutritious meals.  They are amazed at how far their money goes!  Along with our official Kids Helping Kids mascot, Hero the Frog, we visit churches to present Kids Helping Kids and to encourage them to participate.  There is even a small award incentive for the children as they bring back their tubes.  The smiles on the faces of the kids when they see Hero is priceless!

With so many churches doing VBS during the summer time, Kids Helping Kids has been in demand!  It has been so great. Churches have chosen ZOE's Kids Helping Kids as their mission focus during their VBS.  Rather than the children collecting quarters in their tubes, they collect change in buckets.  Many make it a competition between boys and girls or between the different grade levels.   The group with the heaviest bucket on the last day of VBS gets a special award from Hero!   Just this summer alone, we will be sharing at 9 different churches.  Of the nine, we have completed 4 presentations at churches in Southern California.  One particular local church, during their 5 day VBS, brought in over $1000.00!  That's over 2970 nutritious meals!

We are so excited on the direction this program is going and who knows, perhaps Hero may be visiting your church one day!

Published by: Karen Miyamoto in USA

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