Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

Well, Grace Baptist, you certainly were fun to hang out with!


As a long-term missionary at ZOE, I just love having people come and help us as we care for orphans and rescue children from human trafficking.


When teams come, it injects life into all of us. I liken it to being able to plug into your batteries for ten days or so, and we get re-energized and motivated to push on!


I love to see how we share a passion to make a difference in our world!


All of us at ZOE want to see the ZOE staff, students and children discover their individual talents and by coming over here you make that possible.


Phew … It sure was an action-packed 10 days!


You cooked our traditional celebratory BBQ, (something that everyone at ZOE LOVES!) taught classes, put on a couple of carnivals, worked tirelessly … the list goes on and on.


But from touchdown to takeoff you were good fun to hang out with.

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