Slavery No More!

ZOE International Speaks at Slavery NO More Conference

We were very honored to be a part of a recent conference in Los Angeles, CA, that focused on bringing awareness to human trafficking called “Slavery NO More.” This day was filled with amazing speakers who shared their expert knowledge on the issue of modern-day slavery as well as organizations that are in the fight against human trafficking. There is so much information about slavery out there that if we are all able to learn to be the eyes and ears in our society, lives can be saved and transformed.

The following is one ZOE supporter’s insight on what he gained from this conference.

“On my recent visit to the “Slavery NO More” conference at the Bel Air Presbyterian Church, I certainly encountered more than I expected. I got to listen to a few speakers and got more of a background to the world’s sex and drug trafficking. I learned that 40% to 50% of those trafficked are children just here in Los Angeles. And it’s incredibly worse in other countries, such as Thailand and India! I learned also about Santa Muerte being much more than just a Spanish Grim reaper as I thought. Mexican traffickers dedicate entire rooms to worship idols, such as the Santa Muerte, to protect them from authorities and other obstacles. I got the opportunity to meet a number of people attending and talk about their experience with missionary work in India, Mexico, and here in LA. Overall, it was an overwhelming experience of testimonies, information, and instruction on how the world of prostitution and slavery can come to a stop in our generation. My most personal experience was when I talked with one of my friends who already went to Thailand on a short term missions trip, and refused to tell me any tips or anything about it. It surprised me and I asked why? It is going to be my own life changer, my own experience, an overwhelming sight. And I am going to have to see it all first-hand on the front lines against child sex slavery. Period.”

– By Jeremiah Bergman