A smile, a kind word, and helping hands. Chiang Mai Flood -Follow Up!

A smile, a kind word, and helping hands

At the commencement of the ZOE camp, the team saw an opportunity for some of the youth to jump in and lend a helping hand in a mammoth cleanup effort resulting from the Chiang Mai flooding.  Some local residents, whose homes had been left uninhabitable, were helped in the clean up effort by a team of the ZOE youth.  As we know, helping others teaches compassion and responsibility, and it often reminds us of all the things that we should be thankful for; things that many people simply take for granted.

At the conclusion of the camp some of the ZOE girls reflected on the times they had spent helping others:


I was very happy to help the flood victims.  It was a joy to give, not expecting anything in return.  There was one widow whose house we spent a lot of time cleaning.  We were able to share with her and she said she would come to our church one day.  This lady came last Sunday and accepted Jesus into her heart!   -Dook


In reflection of the time she had spent at a retirement home, Ya said:



We were able to bring love to the grandmas and grandpas at the retirement home.  They were so happy because not many people visit them.  They loved our program, craft, songs, and the goodies we shared with them.    -Ya


How can we ever say that we have nothing to give when we always have a smile, a kind word, and helping hands?

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