Merry Christmas from the ZOE Children’s Home


On December 25th, in many places around the world, Christmas will be celebrated, with a unique cultural flavor.

If we were back in Australia the Aussie’s feast might include roast lamb, roast veggies, seafood, ham, hot/cold chicken, duck, turkey, cold deli meats, pasta and salads galore!  And desserts of all types including fruit salad, pavlova, ice cream and Christmas pudding and custard –YUM!

This year at ZOE we have been blessed with a special donation from Pearl Alliance.  The ZOE family is very excited about some special items on the menu for Christmas day!

It is rumored to include: Pla Tuptim (BBQ fish) and Larb Isaan (minced pork), plenty of rice! and some fruit from the local market.

So wherever you are in the world, and no matter how you celebrate Christmas, we would like to thank you for all the assistance you have given to ZOE.  Your support is enabling us to continue to care for orphaned children and rescue children from human trafficking.

Here is a short Christmas message from the ZOE Family.

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