Soccer Jokes Aside

Soccer Jokes Aside

Q: Why did the soccer ball quit the team?

A: It was tired of being kicked around!

Q: What do you get when you mix 20 ZOE youth, 11 American interns, 35 Thai vocational training students, 35 Aussies … and a handful of teachers, ZOE volunteers (plus their kids) and a few soccer balls?

A: A whole lot of fun!

Jokes aside, a recent gathering held at a local futsal field, was the perfect location for a unique soccer tournament.

With so many groups represented, it soon became obvious, despite the cultural differences between the Thai’s, Americans and Australians, why soccer is said to be the world’s universal language.

It wasn’t long before some friendly games of soccer were clearly all that was needed to break the communication barrier between the visitors and the locals as fragmented conversations turned quickly to cheers and laughter.

An Australian group, led by Graeme Smith (a teacher from Maranatha Christian School, Melbourne, Australia) was the generous donor of the funds used to make this fun morning possible.

And by the end, there was only one question left to ask.

Q: Why is it always so hot after a soccer game finishes?

A: Because all the fans have gone home!

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