Playing with Puppets

One of the many blessings of working with kids on a daily basis is seeing their enthusiasm.  Blowing bubbles is great example of how kids can go crazy over simple things.

Jessica Dodd, ZOE’s Children’s Ministry Director, got to see this kind of excitement recently when she had a few of the young girls make sock puppets.  After a bit of conversation, Jessica found that they had never played with puppets before in their life!  “If you think these are fun, check these out,” Jessica said as she pulled out the real puppets.

ZOE’s puppet collection

The girls were having so much fun that they attracted the attention of a couple teen boys.  They had never played with puppets either, so two groups of kids, who rarely spent much time with each other, were able to connect in an all new way.

Not only was this fun, but it was also a great time for ministry.  The young girls used the puppets to pretend to be like mothers praying for their children.  They also used the puppets to encourage each other in their faith.  The older boys did the same, and Jessica was able to transform a simple arts and crafts project into a teachable moment.

Please continue to pray for childhoods of the kids at ZOE.  Pray that the staff and other volunteers can seek out and recognize these times where kids can be taught how to love, trust, and grow.

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