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ZOE Benefit Concert

Foothill Covenant Church Hosts Benefit Concerts

A String Quartet

A String Quartet

Within the past month, Foothill Covenant Church has hosted two youth benefit concerts for ZOE International. The talented musicians performed pieces by Bach, Bartok, Beethoven, Fauré, and Mozart, and your ears would certainly be deceived into believing these young men and women were seasoned professionals. A well-performed melody of string, piano, and voice has a special way of lifting the soul, and that effect was certainly captured in these concerts.

ZOE is so incredibly thankful for young people who have a passion to see change in the world. It is also encouraging to know that partners in the United States support ZOE’s mission to fight for those who cannot fight for



themselves. By stepping up and taking action like this to help open the eyes of those who have not heard about human trafficking, these performers have entered into the fight against human trafficking themselves.

Thank you again for your courage, talent, and prayers. Please remain alongside ZOE as we fight the good fight together.

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