Kids Camp for ZOE!

Kids Camp for ZOE!

In Thailand, the Fall and Spring is when kids have their breaks from school. During that time at our children’s home, the ZOE staff puts on camp for the kids. Everyone looks forward to this throughout the year!

During camp we take the time to model biblical values through class activities, sports, drama, music, reading, and teamwork. The kids develop life skills as they share new experiences like baking, cake decorating, music, drama, dance, sports, games and crafts – all within the context of their new family.

Each camp has a central, encouraging theme designed to help increase the self-worth of every child and to reinforce the values of the ZOE family. We create times during camp where the individual ZOE families can do activities together. Some of these involve going to an approved location off-campus and spending time together as a family.

Along with all of the fun, ZOE Kids’ Camp provides an extended opportunity for our ZOE house parents and staff to pour God’s love into the children. This has resulted in emotional restoration and spiritual revival. Many of the children at ZOE never imagined that change could be possible. Yet, through all of the ministries of ZOE, including Kids’ Camps, new beginnings are created. Children can now live new lives of hope, belonging and love.

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