Are You Ready to Take to the Streets of Santa Clarita?

Are You Ready to Take to the Streets of Santa Clarita?

The 2013 ZOE Rescue Walk is only two days away! What a thrill to see so many people joining together to combat human trafficking. If you haven’t signed up yet, there is still time to signup online or you can register at Newhall Park at 9am.

zoe-rescue-walk-crushing-human-trafickingOur theme this year speaks of the great power that can be released when we join together. This is seen in creation with the SNOWFLAKE. They are some of the most fragile things, but when they stick together they can form an avalanche that roars down a mountain, crushing everything in its path. 

 It is when we are united in oneness of purpose that our strength is exponentially multiplied. This theme will be reflected throughout the Walk this year.

As it takes numerous snowflakes to unleash mighty power… it takes numerous voices to combat human trafficking. This is why we are excited to have three great organizations joining us this year at the Walk. Forever Found  exists to support the prevention, rescue and restoration of child trafficking victims. iSanctuary  products provide rehabilitation options for survivors of human trafficking, both domestic and abroad. Share & Do Good  is a giving boutique whose goal is to bring designs with stories of hope made by great causes from around the world.

There is also going to be some incredible food there. Let’s Roll It GrilledCheeseTruck , DogtownDog and ChickFilA. Come hungry!

May all of our seemingly small and powerless voices come together to stir a great uprising to crush human trafficking!

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