ZOE is Coming to Los Angeles!

Children’s Homes in Los Angeles Coming Soon

“California–a populous border state with a significant immigrant population and the world’s ninth largest economy–is one of the nation’s top four destination states for trafficking human beings.” [1]

California is where ZOE International’s USA regional office is located. California is where ZOE has been led to open another Children’s Homes. California is where ZOE is continuing its mission to reach every person and rescue every child. We believe God has called ZOE to open a specialized home in the Greater Los Angeles County for human trafficking victims—a place of safety, healing and unconditional love. We are so excited to share with all of you the steps we are taking as we prepare to open ZOE’s first home in the United States.ZOE Children's Homes Los Angeles

The path toward opening this home is a long one. We’ve been working to develop the vision, plan the enormous number of logistical details and fulfill state licensing requirements.

For over three years, our U.S. staff has collaborated with many service agencies—both governmental and non-profit. This has taken place through participation in several task forces and committees that focus on combating human trafficking in the Los Angeles area. ZOE has supported the task forces by conducting research, leading a working group and assisting in coordinating training sessions. With the generosity of ZOE supporters, we have also been privileged to provide practical resources for CSEC (commercially sexually exploited children), including clothing, groceries, games, books, backpacks filled with toiletries and culture-specific informational booklets.

Three years of being faithful to participate in collaborative meetings—listening, learning and serving—has been like plowing a field and planting seeds. We are now starting to see some of our seeds bloom and even produce some fruit. In a recent task force meeting, ZOE was recognized by attendees as an agency with the potential to provide housing and care for the kids found and identified as CSEC children.

The task is immense, but we have never questioned whether the goal is worth the time and effort. Simply put, the kids are worth it. They are deeply valued by their Creator. They are deeply valued by ZOE. They are one giant reason that our staff and volunteers do what we do. We are all very eager for the day when the doors of ZOE Children’s Homes Los Angeles open, and we get the chance to bring true love and restoration to the lives of human trafficking victims.

If you would like to learn how you may help in this effort, please contact our U.S. office at (661) 255-7963 or email us at marji@gozoe.org and vickie@gozoe.org.


[1] “A Serious Problem – Around the World and in the USA,” Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking, accessed October 26, 2012, http://castla.org/key-stats.


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