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ZOE International Applies for Group Home Licensing

We believe God has called ZOE International to open a specialized home for human trafficking victims in Los Angeles County—a home that will be a place of safety, healing, and unconditional love. Shelter for survivors of human trafficking is one of the most commonly cited needs by individuals contacting the National Human Trafficking Resource Center. We can be a shelter for not only their physical needs, but for the deep emotional and spiritual needs as well.ZOE Children's Homes Los Angeles

A very important step in opening the home is receiving licensing to be a group home. In order to receive this license, we need to submit what is called a Group Home Program Statement. This is a formal document that explains to the state how we intend to take care of the children in our care. It is a key piece of the licensing application and where we are on our journey to open this group home.

This Program Statement is like nothing I have ever seen. It is very long because of the detailed questions we must answer as to how we will care for the kids in our home. Some of the questions asked are: What are the purpose, methods, and goals of the program? How will children be transported to medical appointments, school, and activities? What will the childrens schedule be like? What will their meal plans be? What will the house rules be? What methods of discipline will be used?

Imagine having to write out how you plan to run your home and raise your children, and then be held to this standard. Oh and this plan has to be OK for all the children. You can’t change it because it works for half of the kids, but not the others. If you want to change later, you have to submit addendums and wait for approval.

We are in the final stages of working on the Program Statement. Soon, we will give it to our Los Angeles advisory board members, so they can read it over and give input. Then, we can become a foster care placement resource through Los Angeles County.ZOE Children's Homes Los Angeles

We are committed to our home being a safe place where human trafficking victims can receive healing and become everything God intended them to become. Please pray for us as we finalize this step in the process of getting our Los Angeles home open. If you want to stay updated on ZOE Children’s Homes Los Angeles and other ZOE news, enter your email on the right side of this post to receive blog posts in your email box.

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