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4 Ways You Can STAND Against Human Trafficking

STAND up for Awareness - Educate yourself by learning about and supporting organizations that are actively fighting against global human trafficking. ZOE sees the need for collaboration and coordinated efforts amongst individuals, communities and non-profits. There are many amazing organizations working towards the same goal of eliminating human trafficking in our generation. Some are working through the courts by changing laws like Polaris Project and ECPAT. Others like, IJM, Love146  and ourselves, ZOE  are working through relationships by changing the lives of those who have been trafficked through intervention & restoration.

STAND up for Others - Be alert and vigilant within your surroundings. Human trafficking is happening where you work and live. There are victims who are being trafficked (both sex trafficking & labor trafficking hiding in plain site. Report anything that seems suspicious by calling 1-888-373-7888 or texting BeFree (233733).

STAND up for your Choices - Make sure your consumer choices are free from slavery.  Be part of the solution and not the problem by choosing a  lifestyle that does not condone sexual exploitation on any level. Choose to support organizations like iSanctuary or Stop Traffick Fashion that give jobs to survivors of human trafficking.

STAND up for Legislation - Where is your city, your state, your country in terms of combatting human trafficking, punishing traffickers and supporting survivors? Check out the 2013 State Ratings here. Make your voice heard and take action if the laws are not in place.

STANDing against anything is a moment by moment, day by day choice to be effective. Let’s choose to enlarge our effectiveness in the STAND against Human Trafficking by being aware, being alert, being part of the solution and being vocal. We can STAND in our daily lives and fight for those who can not fight for themselves.






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