National Children’s Day

National Children’s Day

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are common holidays that we are all probably used to. I remember asking my dad when I was younger, “Why isn’t there a kid’s day?”  What was only a dream for me back then, is a reality for the children of Thailand.  One day out of the year is National Children’s Day where most stores will give out free candy or offer generous discounts for kids.

This year, National Children’s Day was particularly exciting for the kids at ZOE as the Onnuri English Ministry (OEM) of Seoul, Korea put on the ZOElympics!  An entire morning was dedicated to relay races, water games, and other group competitions.  For each event, points were awarded to the first place winner, but there was also an opportunity to earn points through JOY.  Whenever a team showed their spirit, they were awarded extra points, so the competition took on a whole other level of enthusiasm.  If they weren’t already pumped up, throwing in a surprise pizza lunch sent them over the top.

The games and competitions were amazing, but what made the day special was that they competed and worked together as a family.  Playing together as a family helped give the kids and caretakers alike new trust that will carry on into the rest of their relationship.  Thank you OEM for your planning and the time you spent pouring into the families at ZOE.


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