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A Brother's Love

Much like in the western world, Valentine’s Day in Thailand has become a commercialized holiday for lovebirds to go on romantic dinner dates or give chocolates and flowers to each other.  Everywhere from the malls to convenience stores hang pink hearts to sell their products in order to appeal to the love stricken clientele.  However, this year at ZOE, Valentine’s Day took a different shape.  This year we were shown an example of the love an older brother has for his sister.

The sister’s birthday happened to be the same as Valentine’s Day, and with no parents to recognize her birthday, the older brother decided to surprise her with a cake and a party.  Using the majority of the money he’d received for Christmas and New Years, he began preparations for the surprise birthday party for his little sister.

Finally the day came, and the sister woke to all her friends boisterously singing her happy birthday, but her brother was nowhere to be found.  She was mad, saying to herself, “All my new friends at ZOE remembered my birthday, but my own brother forgot about me.”  She spent the rest of the morning ignoring him, and she even broke down at one point crying and crying in the arms of her ZOE mom.

Then, in the afternoon, she and her friends were called to go to one of the classrooms, presumably to continue their lessons for the day.  She did not want to go because she knew her brother would be there too.  Still mad, she reluctantly agreed to go, but she would sit in the back of the room.  Right as the door opened, her brother walked into the room holding a big birthday cake while everyone sang for her.  The ZOE parents in the room tried their best to hold back tears, but it was all they could to keep from crying.  Needless to say the little sister was no longer mad, but instead tackled him with a giant hug.  He hadn’t forgotten after all.

After the party, other kids left the room teasing each other saying how they needed to treat their younger siblings better, but more notably, the other girls left wanting to have an older brother.

What an example of a loving heart and on Valentine’s Day no less! 


Published by: Jonathan Degler in Thailand

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