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The Trip of a Lifetime

Guest blogger | Elizabeth Mrozek (member of our February 2014 Short Term Missions team #ZOESTMFeb)


Home from the trip of a lifetime..

In Thailand there was so much to take in and it was difficult to word properly all that I was seeing. From experiencing Zoe Children's home...(the professionalism, standard of excellence, grace, love, hard work, and family nature...) to ministering to Buddhists and others never having heard the name of Jesus in the primitive Nakoo village, to teaching and playing with engaging children in the schools, to the slums, There were so many aspects to process. Despite all the misfortune, and simplicity many of the Thai people live with, they are have a spirit of hospitality and treat all with kindness, and welcome strangers into their homes willingly. God is taking care of His children globally and all those who call on The Lord will find him. Reminders of Human trafficking and the appalling truths that accompany the industry were on my mind the the entire trip. We educated many families in the villages that had no idea that it was reality. For those unreached we prayed for, as well as the faces we learned and shared life with even for a day. I miss everyone I met while at Zoe Children's homes specifically, they were the purest, and most loving children and staff that I have ever met and are so full of joy and love for Jesus and others.


ZOE Feb 2014 Short Term Missions Team



Author, Elizabeth Mrozek front and center

Family comes first in Thai culture. I still have so much to think on..promptings and a new open hearted perspective of the planet and the sheer Enormity of God and what He is capable of. If you are uneasy or anxious about anything, he will make you strong, he will be there with answers and truth.

Thailand was rich in culture and I experienced so many beautiful things. The people, sweeping landscapes, mountains, rice paddies, glorious weather, color, spicy and intricate meals, teak trees and dense Forests..a full moon against a navy blue sky, bright stars and glowing lanterns dotting the night sky,
Elephant rides, the night bazaar.

I miss the people most of all. And the ever present red earth of the country, still to be found on my shoes leads me to reflect.



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