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Meet the Tang Family

ZOE Missionaries

When asked what has surprised him the most about being on the mission field, Rob Tang replied:

“Time and time again, I’m always pleasantly surprised to see how God will take small things I’ve learned or experienced in the past, and use them for His divine purposes on the mission field. It’s exciting to see how He can take whatever we have to offer, no matter how small or insignificant we may think it is, and multiply it into something that fits so perfectly at the right moment in time. Amazing!”

The Tang family was introduced to ZOE International when they went on a short-term mission trip to Thailand in November 2007. Upon hearing God’s call and being moved to action, with much prayer and many family discussions, by August 2008, all six of the Tangs – Rob, Denise, and their four kids, Lauren, Kelly, Stephanie, and Cori Anne – were in Thailand as full-time missionaries. Since then, their two oldest have graduated high school and are now back in the States attending universities.

ZOE Missionaries

Rob absolutely loves his job at ZOE as the operations manager for the Child Rescue Department. He says that he works with the most incredible staff in the world, and looks forward to new challenges and adventures each day. Although his work keeps him very busy, he still finds time to enjoy his family; the kids and staff at ZOE; and, of course, the Thai food. His taste for Thai food, whether spicy or not, from a restaurant or a street vendor, continues to grow with each passing year. Yet, as fond as he is of the Thai food and culture, there are definitely things he misses about living in America. Family and friends top the list, but it also includes going to the beach, working in his yard, Costco, baseball games, Dodger dogs, free soda refills, Boys’ Weekend, drinking out of the faucet without fear of the runs, and Disneyland.

ZOE Missionaries

Rob and his family have witnessed God’s confirmation over and over again that the decision to move to Thailand and become ZOE missionaries was without a doubt the right thing for them to do. They have each had opportunities to partner with God and experience His power and faithfulness in ways they never would have if they didn’t take the initial step of faith to go. They have seen God’s miracles on a regular basis with lives being transformed, children being rescued, and people coming to know, love, and experience Christ in their lives. “There’s no place I’d rather be than in the center of His will!”

Please pray for this family as they experience God’s grace and faithfulness daily when they live out the life God has called them to. If you are interested in supporting the Tangs, you can reach them by email at or by donating here.



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