The Ginoza Family Serve as ZOE Missionaries

Meet the Ginoza Family

Les, Lynne, and Garrett Ginoza have been on the mission field in Thailand since March 1, 2005. Since Garrett was only four when they moved, Thailand is like his second home. At 13, his love for the U.S. and Thailand are close to equal. Prior to being married, Les and Lynne had always known they would be on the mission field together as a family. It wasn’t a matter of, but rather when and where. When Mike and Carol Hart (founders of ZOE International) started the anti-human trafficking organization, the Ginoza’s knew right away that it was the direction God had for them.

For Les, who grew up in Hawaii, Northern Thailand’s dirt roads and tropical trees made him feel at home. For Lynne, the move was a bit more overwhelming with the narrow streets, chaotic driving, language barrier, and street vendors. Though it was all very unfamiliar, the transition was surprisingly easy; therefore, they had very little culture shock. In the past few years, it’s gotten even easier with McDonalds, Starbucks, and other familiar businesses popping up everywhere!

A typical day for the Ginoza family is anything but typical. Garrett spends his days at a Christian international school where 90% of the students are missionary kids. Lynne loves that she gets to do her two most favorite things the first and most favorite thing is being a mom. However, when Garrett is in school, Lynne also gets to work at ZOE, doing a variety of things, such as managing the Thai accounting staff; helping with short term missions teams, special guests, and special events; and occasionally teaching English or cooking classes.

Les wears many hats at ZOE International. He oversees the business and leadership training program for young adults (ZOE Business Vocational program) and serves on all three national ZOE boards (Thailand, Australia, and USA). He also manages the ZOE International facilities in Thailand, including the self-sustaining programs. Many days are spent inspecting the property and facilities, being involved in meetings, teaching classes, encouraging students and staff, acting as ZOEs liaison for other organizations, giving tours of the grounds, and hosting VIPs and short term missions teams. Les’ official title is Vice President of ZOE, so in addition to all of the above (and more), whenever the Harts are away from Thailand, he acts as the head of the ministry.

When it comes to things they miss about the U.S., they both miss friends and family; however, Les has a list of favorite foods he also misses! They are thankful that they can come back to America every year. When it’s time to leave, they stock up their suitcases full of all the comforts of home. Even though they think fondly about American food, they both have their favorite Thai foods. Lynne loves the hot-pot restaurants where you cook your food in boiling broth right at your table. Les loves a spicy, sweet stir-fried basil and pork dish called Pakgrapao moo kai dow. Garrett is always game for a steaming bowl of soup with noodles, sliced pork, BBQ pork, and a variety of vegetables. Besides experiencing new foods along with old favorites, the Ginozas like to explore new places and watch movies and TV shows together.

Les and Lynne love being able to work with such fun, loving, and Godly people who they call family. Les says, “The atmosphere here on the ZOE campus is one of peace, joy, and unity. Even Buddhist priests and non-Christians have commented on the peacefulness of the place. They just don’t know that what they are sensing is the PRESENCE OF GOD HOVERING OVER ALL OF ZOE!” When asked if they have any specific needs, both Les and Lynne asked for prayer for their family, protection, strength, health, and a deeper relationship with the Lord and with each other. You can sign up for the Ginoza’s email newsletter to receive updates on the family by emailing You can also support them financially by donating here.

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