Jessica Dodd on Life as a Missionary in Thailand

Jessica Dodd on Life as a Missionary in Thailand

Jessica Dodd has been a missionary with ZOE for the past seven years. Initially when she came to Thailand it was short term, only six months, for the purpose of training ZOE’s leaders in children’s ministry. Once there she saw the need and heard from the Lord so she committed to a two year term. That two years has grown as Jessica’s vision for children’s ministry lined up with the direction that Michael & Carol Hart (founders of ZOE) were seeking God for. Jessica says, “This is the ministry God had always been calling me to.”

Asking any missionary about what a “typical” day looks tends to bring the same answer, that there is no typical day on the mission field. For Jessica, with her job descriptions alone Children’s Ministry Director, Short Term Missions, Administration, Life Skills & Leadership Training, Childcare & Education Advisor, Ministry School Instructor and more – each day is filled with a variety of responsibilities and tasks. The collaborative work environment leads to many conversations throughout the day. Most days will find Jessica working in the office in the mornings, teaching in the afternoons and hanging out with the kids before heading home for the evening. On her days off she likes to “get lost” on purpose as she explores and finds new things.

A story that is imprinted on Jessica’s heart happened within her first months of being in Thailand. ZOE’s Child Rescue Team pulled up to the home with a girl who they had just rescued. The story continues, in Jessica’s words: “I was at the home when they pulled up with her. I was the first missionary she met. When I looked into her eyes, there was no one there. Vacant. Dead. It struck me as tragic. Here was this young girl who was abused time and time again, no longer connecting with the world. But after God got a hold of her – her life totally changed! She graduated from school, got a full time job and married her best friend. She is so funny, bold and charismatic. She brings so much joy to everyone around her. So different from the girl I met on the front steps seven years ago. I love her!”

This story is the reason Jessica does what she does. She says she is blessed everyday by the servant’s hearts of the amazing staff and the joy and laughter of the kids. These are kids who have been transformed by the love of God and the comfort and security of being in a safe place they can call home.

If you are interested in supporting Jessica in prayer, you can keep up to date on her blog. She is also in need of consistent financial supporters. You can donate here to be a part of Jessica continuing the work she loves of being a missionary at ZOE.

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