Believing the Best | ZCHLA

We have been sharing a lot about the home ZOE will open in Los Angeles.  Most of our communications have involved the children we will serve.  But we also think about the many staff members who will take care of these precious little ones.

Our ZOE staff will be extremely important to the opening and operation of our home.  We are praying even now – asking the Lord to call those who are to be part of this great journey.  We are praying for staff members who will love unconditionally and share their talents and gifts with the children. We are asking God to bring people who will be encouraging not only to the children, but also to one another. We are asking for staff who will believe the best about their colleagues and about the children. We are asking for people who will fight for the kids to become all that God intended them to become.

ZOE means “Life” in Greek. Our hopes and prayers are that the kids at ZOE Children’s Homes Los Angeles (ZCHLA) will experience new life. We are also anticipating that those who work at the home will also encounter a renewed vision and purpose for their own lives.

Will you pray with us for our future staff as well as for our current ZCHLA team? Truly, prayer is one of the pillars that will support our home and the important work we are called to carry out.

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