The Robbins Family

The Robbins Family

The Robbins family consists of Eric, Amy and their son Ethan (11). They have been serving at ZOE Children’s Homes since August 7, 2013. Though their commitment is only for one year, their supportive son told them out of the blue, “We can stay another six months in Thailand, if you’d like, Mom and Dad.”

Their first trip to Thailand was last minute as “fill-ins” for two people who couldn’t go on a short term missions trip. During that trip, the Lord spoke to both Eric and Amy, but it wasn’t until months later that they talked and realized they had both been praying about returning to ZOE. They saw a need for their skills at ZOE and wanted to help any way they could. Amy is a registered nurse and Eric is skilled at accounting and business management. Their gifts and talents have been used in multiple ways at ZOE.

Coming from Oxnard, CA, where they had been spoiled with moderate weather year round, one of their biggest challenges was adjusting to the Asian climate.  One thing Amy was surprised about was that the driving in Thailand is not as bad as she thought it would be. She said the drivers are actually more polite than in the U.S. Another surprise has come in some of the family’s favorite Thai foods – Kao Man Gai (also known as chicken and rice) and Pad Gra Pao Gai (chicken and basil). In the States, Mexican food is one of their favorites. They have been on the lookout for good Mexican food, but have resorted to making it themselves creatively because not all the ingredients are available in Thailand.

Eric starts his day with a one hour commute to ZOE with some of his fellow missionaries. Ideas are batted about and relationships have been built during these rides. Eric has been blessed with these friendships as well as those with the Thai staff.

When asked about a memorable story, Eric talked about the child who was rescued from potential trafficking. He was brought to ZOE, but didn’t have a great attitude. As time has gone by, with the influence of house parents, ZOE siblings and missionaries, Eric has seen this boy’s heart soften and open to Jesus. This boy is now growing into a young man of God. Amy says that she loves seeing kids come to ZOE at first with skepticism and then seeing their lives and hearts soften as the joy of the Lord becomes a part of their lives. “That is a miracle before my eyes that I won’t ever get tired of seeing!” 

Eric and Amy have been blessed to have very supportive friends and family back home. Their financial needs have been met consistently and the Lord continues to provide. If you would like to support them financially, please donate here.


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