ZOE Retail Training

ZOE Retail Training

One of the fastest growing areas of ZOE has easily been the ZOE store.  In fact, they have grown so much in the past few years that a larger location was needed, and one happened to be built awhile back by the Thailand Mission Awareness Tour, a group of Australian’s who recently blessed ZOE with a construction project.

Before the new room was constructed, people had to cram shoulder-to-shoulder in order to shop for their supplies, drinks, and snacks; now they have the space to enjoy everything the story has to offer.  More importantly though, the space gives the kids at ZOE a chance to sell their crafts, which in turn helps them save up money for their future or a simple snack from time to time.

ZOE’s Life Skill program also uses the store by allowing select students to manage the daily operations.  This includes maintaining stock and cash handling, which will give them experience in running their own business one day or holding a job in retail.

The ZOE store has been such a blessing to ZOE in so many different ways, and while some may think it merely a place to buy snacks, it serves as so much more for those learning through it.

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