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Meet The Yu Family

The Yu Family

David and Ester Yu came to Thailand two and a half years ago, bringing Ian (now 7), Eli (now 5) and Allison (now 2). If you’re doing the math, you will see that Ester was pregnant with Allison when they moved and she was born only seven months after their arrival at ZOE International. Their transition has been surprisingly smooth, considering a move across the world with two young children and one on the way.

As any mom of young children knows, Ester’s schedule is different every day; dropping off and picking up the boys, scheduling play dates, running errands and working once a week at ZOE. David’s schedule is a bit more predictable in that he goes to the Children’s Homes every day and some evenings. He does travel a lot to the villages, fulfilling his role as manager of ZOE’s food distribution program Mercy Network.

As a family, they miss outdoor activities in West Los Angeles. Though, they have been able to keep up their tradition of finding the tastiest places to eat. Some of their favorite finds are Khaomankay (boiled chicken, rice and soup), Mu ping (sweet pork on a skewer) and Moo yang (grilled pork).

David teaching at ZOE's Ministry School

It is always amazing to see how God prepares us for our future with different backgrounds and life experiences to further His kingdom. Prior to Thailand, David was a pastor. This gave him opportunities to minister to village pastors, teach classes at ZOE’s Ministry School, provide counseling in different areas of ZOE and care for missionaries in a shepherding role. His main role is to manage the Mercy Network, distributing food and supplies to village pastors, so they can then share these with their communities.

Ester training staff

Though Ester’s main role is caring for her family, she does many things for ZOE. Ester used to be a teacher in juvenile hall, a social worker and then a program administrator for a family support services agency. With all this experience, she thoroughly enjoys being part of the team (ZOE’s Think Tank) that problem solves child care issues, provides parent support, develops treatment plans for the children and trains parents and staff how to work with children who've experienced trauma.

Both David and Ester are continually amazed to see the dramatic change in the children who come from such difficult circumstances, going from sadness and anger to joy and healing. They are reminded daily of the love and generosity shown to them by their family, church and friends whose financial sacrifices have kept them on the field and allowed them the privilege of being a part of ZOE. God has abundantly met their needs through their loved ones.

When asked how people can support them, the Yu’s requested prayer in the following areas: language learning, good physical health, healthy family relationships, that their children would know and love Jesus, spiritual health, maintaining healthy relationships with loved ones in the States, wisdom in ministries they’re involved with, and a good network of support in Thailand. If you would like to bless the Yu family financially, you can donate here.

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