The Degler Family in Thailand

The Degler Family in Thailand

The Degler family has been in Thailand for about a year and a half, but the time has truly flown by. Their arrival in November 2012 marked the beginning of a dream come true as their entire adult life had been geared towards moving out onto the mission field.

Immediately after finishing undergraduate studies, Jonathan and Amanda began fundraising, sold everything in the United States, and flew out to Chiang Mai. Since this time Amanda has earned her masters degree in social work through the University of Southern California, and she is using her newly acquired knowledge to better serve the kids at ZOE. Her favorite part about her job is counseling students who need to continue healing the broken parts of their spirits. This is especially true when she can see God moving through them with his healing power, and it is at this point that she falls in love with the kids.

Using his degree in education, Jonathan has been given the opportunity to coordinate the new vocational training program at ZOE. This entails program development, teacher management, and administration of the program. He also teaches coffee classes and typing. In addition to vocational training responsibilities, Jonathan also works closely with the accounting department to help coordinate special projects within ZOE. Lastly, he is able to write for the marketing department and teach English.

The newest development in the Degler family is the decision to adopt a Thai child. At this point, all the paperwork has been completed and they are now on the waiting list. They are praying diligently for the safety and health of their future son or daughter, and they are also thankful for the ZOE family who has been a constant support through prayer and encouragement.

The Deglers are excited to see what God has in store for them at ZOE, but most of all they are thrilled to have the confidence that they are right at the heart of God’s will for their lives.

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