From the Field: God Called Me!

From the Field: God Called Me!

This story is told by one of our missionaries…

Can you imagine yourself taking care of a child with SUCH anger in her heart for being abandoned & rejected? One with no sense of family and no happiness about anything in her life?  This child did everything to reject love from people around her, but deep down she was crying out for more love and attention!  Her actions included foul words, disrespect, outright disobedience, defiance and a hot temper. We knew what she needed mentally, emotionally and spiritually, but the only way to provide those needs was through God’s strength and help – we could not do it on our own!

In His wisdom and love, God has provided loving, perseverant, devoted, and sacrificial mothers for this orphan child! In a counseling session, one of these ZOE mothers, through tears said, “She has just one more year at ZOE until she goes to university. I could just hang on for one more year. But, I DON’T WANT to JUST hang on!!!” When the counselor heard that, she was a little bit disturbed thinking that she may quit! But, the mother clarified, “I want to use EVERY OPPORTUNITY I have with her this remaining year in trying to train and teach her as MUCH as I can. So that she can become a new person, a GREATER person, and she can be successful when she leaves ZOE! God called me to care for these children!   This brought the counselor to tears. Though, not her birth mother, this ZOE mother deserves respect for SUCH LOVE and COMMITMENT for this child’s life!!

We are grateful at ZOE for an overflow of loving and committed parents like this one!


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