Meet ZOE’s First U.S. Missionary: Vickie McCoy

Vickie McCoy’s Path to ZOE International

Vickie McCoy is ZOE International’s first stateside missionary. Unlike the other missionaries at ZOE who have left their friends and families, Vickie has been able to still live in beautiful, sunny California. In August 2011, she heard the Lord say she would be a ZOE missionary, but not in Thailand. After a conversation with ZOE’s co-founder, Carol Hart, about ZOE’s desire to open a group home in Los Angeles, Vickie prayed and asked God if this was where He wanted her to be. In November 2012, after much confirmation, Vickie gave notice to her employers of almost 22 years that she would be leaving and joining ZOE. On May 6, 2013, Vickie became part of the ZOE family as a missionary in the United States.

Vickie enjoys being able to be part of her home church, seeing friends regularly, and connecting with family on the East Coast. She also makes two trips a year to Thailand to see the extended ZOE family by helping lead Short Term Missions teams to Thailand to visit the Children’s Homes and minister to the Thai people, ZOE staff, missionaries, and kids.

Vickie’s main role at ZOE is working with other team members on developing and launching another children’s homes in Los Angeles County. This first year has been one of learning and adjusting. She has met key people and has been networking with them, so that one day they could place human trafficking victims in ZOE’s care. Vickie loves being part of ZOE’s Think Tank Team where once a week she hosts a Google Hangout with a team of individuals in Thailand who are devising strategies on how to best care for, bring healing to, and share God’s love with the children at ZOE.

Vickie says, “I am so glad the Lord called me to be a missionary at ZOE where I can be a ‘World Changer.’ Though it looks a little different than my missionary friends in Thailand since I am here in Los Angeles, I need support both in prayer and in finances.”

Would you please pray for Vickie in the following areas?

  1. Finishing the Program Statement in the month of August (the formal documents for licensing a group home in the U.S.).
  2. Opportunities to share what she is doing in order to raise support for herself.
  3. Continual head space to learn all there is to learn in order to be a great caregiver for the children the Lord has for us.


I am a public speaker using my music and art to raise awareness of human trafficking of children in America. I have been praying for organizations to be established on the East Atlantic a Coast lands for 7 years. God has laid it upon my heart that this new season I will be praying for housing for these children. I minister healing in the arts . My own dream is to have a home where the children can get restoration. I sponsor a child through Zoe’s project all ready. I want to give and pray and help your mission . Please contact me at my email so I may raise awareness for your support and commit to prayer and giving. THANK YOU FOR ANSWERING MY Zoe Zoe’s Cafe prayer in being the first home established in the USA

I don’t see your email address so you can contact us at 661.255.7963 or at Looking forward to hearing from you!

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