From the Field: Love Never Fails

From the Field: Love Never Fails

This story is told by one of our missionaries…

Some of the children we rescue have wounds so deep that it is difficult for them to receive the love that is poured out upon them by the ZOE staff and parents. Often, the manifestations of the children’s pain are seen as they lash out in anger and disrespect through insults, rejection, and noncompliance. One teen in particular was one of the more difficult and challenging upon his arrival to ZOE. Because of his history and attachments to his life before ZOE, it was taking longer for him to adjust. He refused to accept being at ZOE and declared that he wanted to return to his previous life.

The ZOE parents patiently and with longsuffering, loved on, prayed for, and took care of this teen, even though their love was rejected again and again.

The teen refused to open himself up to receive the love that was being poured out to him, refused to enjoy the activities and friends that were available to him. But love never fails and slowly, we could see the affection the teen was developing for the parents who were caring for him. He started building connections with some of the other children as they reached out to him. One of the most difficult challenges about working with the kids we receive is helping them build healthy attachments. For this boy, this was a huge milestone.

Although he is still working through some issues, he has come such a long way from his early days at ZOE. He is going along with all of the activities and schedules, enjoying free time with friends, helping parents and staff all while being in community with the other children.

We are thankful for the ZOE parents and the entire ZOE family who unselfishly and sacrificially fight for our children every day. We are grateful for the love of a Heavenly Father that is unconditional, unending, unfailing and brings us all to total freedom. We look forward with hope to the day that this young man and many others like him will walk in the love and freedom that God has for each of them.

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