Missionaries’ Thai Report Card

Missionaries’ Thai Report Card

Easily one of the most daunting tasks of any missionary moving into a different culture is adjusting to the language.  For some, perhaps their native language is spoken in the new culture, but many times, a missionary has to go through months if not years of study to become a competent communicator.

This is especially true for the missionaries coming to ZOE in Thailand.  In the past year, non-Thai speakers have been focusing more and more on establishing fluency in Thai, as this will further benefit the many different ministries going on at ZOE.  However, this is no easy task as the language is extremely tonal, which means a slight change in voice inflection has the potential to change the meaning of an entire sentence.

Despite this difficulty, we are excited to report that progress is being made.  Khruu (teacher) Oh, ZOE’s Thai language teacher, has been able to help the missionaries learn the 44 consonants and 21 vowels of the Thai alphabet along with many new vocabulary words and sentence structures.  With this new knowledge of the Thai language, conversation between Thai speakers and non-Thai speakers has expanded exponentially, and this is even more practice on top of the time in class.

ZOE is hopeful and excited for the advancements the missionaries have made in their Thai abilities, and with the level of dedication they have been giving to the endeavor, they will only be getting better from here. Interested in our missionaries? Take a look here to see their stories and how they came to ZOE.

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