ZOE Missionaries | The Cross Family

ZOE Missionaries | The Cross Family

What was it that caused business owner David Cross and his wife, Andrea, plus their three young children to pack up their comfortable life in Australia and move to Northern Thailand? Was it the lure of more money … or the promise of a better life?

No. The inspiration for this young family to set off overseas in January 2010 was the conviction that they needed to do something to help children in circumstances where they could not help themselves.

“When we heard the statistics about children, the same ages as our own being trafficked, we felt compelled to act. Now when we sit with these wonderful kids, each of the statistics suddenly has a face. It’s a face that is covered with a big smile, and their smiles are now a part of our every day.”

Before coming to ZOE, David and Andrea always had a passion for helping children. Married in 1999, they spent most of their early married life either volunteering as foster carers (caregivers) or as buddies on ‘Life Gets Better Camps’ for children who have gone through major grief (such as divorce or a death in their immediate family). These voluntary roles were fitted in, and around, their full schedules of family life and business.

David is the Co-Founder of ZOE Foundation Australia and Manager of Child Protection and Communications at ZOE Children’s Homes in Thailand.

Managing Child Protection, David works to ensure that all the children at ZOE are continually looked after and protected in the best possible way. He trains staff, volunteers, visitors and the children, on an ongoing basis, about relevant safety and protection issues. He also oversees the implementation of projects and programs funded by ZOE Foundation Australia to assist in the task of combatting human trafficking.

Though there have been several challenging times throughout their time in Thailand, they have seen God show up in amazing ways through the protection of their family, healing and answered prayers. The support they have received from their family, friends and even people whom they don’t know personally has impacted them deeply and has been a very humbling experience.

The Cross family has grown to love living in Thailand. Their children who were 1, 3 and 4 years old when they left Australia have now all lived more of their lives in Thailand than not, and it has very much become their home. While language learning has been slow and difficult, the Cross children study Thai for one hour every day at the international school that they attend. They have many close Thai friends.

The culture, the food and the varied experiences that the Cross’ have had as a family such as serving together, visiting villages, tasting different foods and even the opportunity to occasionally ride elephants, have all been an added bonus to the true joy of seeing first hand the young lives that are being healed and transformed through the love and care that they receive at ZOE Children’s Homes.

Andrea is a trained primary school teacher and also enjoys writing. While she still views her biggest and most important role as being ‘wife’ and ‘mother’ in her own family, she is committed to being a positive influence, role model and hope in the lives of others, through displaying God’s promises of a life of joy and peace.  She enjoys using her skills to help at both ZOE and her children’s school.

Working as volunteers, the Cross family’s “salary” is primarily based on the donations of those who feel led to support their work in Thailand. If you would like to be a part of their financial support team, you can give on a monthly or a one-time basis. Prayer is also a huge need and one that the Cross Family would greatly appreciate.

You can keep track of the Cross family on their blog.

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