The ZOE Rescue Walk is Expanding!

The ZOE Rescue Walk is Expanding!

The 3rd Annual ZOE Rescue Walk is expanding!  We are grateful for our partners who are willing to take on the task of forming a team this year in their home state.  Nick Durick of Rockford, Illinois is one of those people.  But Nick isn’t content with simply forming a team of people and walking; he is planning an entire event for his team of people!  When we asked Nick why he would take on such an enormous task, this is what he said.

There are countless reasons why I am wanting to hold a ZOE Rescue Walk in Rockford, Illinois. My church has had a partnership with ZOE international for seven years, and I have had the honor of serving with ZOE as a short term missionary for the last two years. I am completely committed to helping ZOE grow! The level of excellence and grace that ZOE commits to is off the charts! If I can be a part of that somehow, I will do everything I can to partner with such a beautiful organization.

I have talked with thousands of people over the last few years about human trafficking, whether locally, globally, or just in general, and the percentage of response that has no idea it is going on is mind blowing. So bringing awareness to our city, our state line area, will be HUGE! Rockford, IL will no longer be silent. We will no longer be neutral. We will no longer be uneducated. We will be a voice. We will be a movement. One that states clearly that Human Trafficking Is Not OKAY! The walk will not only be beneficial to ZOE for obvious reasons, but it will be the start of changing the heart of this city. We will be bringing LIFE to a broken and lost city. We will be bringing ZOE. I have prayed Isaiah 61:1-3 over Thailand and over ZOE for the last 2 years. It is time to bring that prayer and promise to Rockford!

Thank you Nick for your passion to end child trafficking and your love and passion for ZOE!

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