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One Woman’s Journey to End Child Trafficking

One Woman’s Journey to End Child Trafficking

Guest Blogger, Kim Charter

My friend, Vickie McCoy and I met for lunch a few years ago and she shared with me that she was leaving her full time job to become a “stateside missionary.” After I picked my jaw up off the floor she explained more. I knew of her love for ZOE international and for missions, but it was this conversation that led me to a new, overwhelming awareness of child trafficking and it began my own journey to find out what I could to make a difference.

I thought that trafficking was only a third world problem. I could have compassion for those children, yet know that the children in my life were safe. But, the more I talked with Vickie, the more I became fully aware, enlightened and frightened for the children in my life and those around me. There is a growing exploitation of children in the US and there aren’t many safe places for them to recover and heal. ZOE wants to create a “home environment” in the United States for these children to come to so that they can be safe and healed.

The minute that I heard there was a need for help “I was IN”. It is now not only on my side of the globe, but in my home. I have two granddaughters and could never imagine them being hurt in this way. Now I have a responsibility to educate, inform and enlighten others about ending child trafficking.

Last year I learned about the ZOE Rescue Walk. I registered, raised funds and walked to contribute to the ZOE mission. I soon learned that there were many other people who were also unaware of the close proximity of this problem. There is a great need in this country to bring awareness of not only this problem globally, but locally as well. Last year’s Walk was a wonderful way for me to become involved and get the message out.

This year, I am walking again. I am doing my “one thing” to make a difference in the lives of others. Now it’s your turn to “Do One Thing” and consider joining me at this year’s walk on November 15th. Register now at and do your one thing to end child trafficking and save a child!



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