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Christmas in Thailand

Christmas at ZOE might not be as different as you think. Decorated trees have been put up, tinsel and lights have been hung, and one can hear the occasional humming of “Silent Night.”  While there is certainly no snow on the ground or frozen lakes to skate on, the air has changed so everyone knows the anticipated day is approaching.

ChristmasDecorationsAt ZOE, the special meal and gifts are given on Christmas Eve.  As a family, including staff, missionaries, and all the kids, we gather together in fellowship to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, which of course, includes a special dinner with dishes prepared by each of the ZOE families.  This is especially fun for the missionaries, as we get to try new Thai specialties.  Many times though, the native level of spice is too much for our weak tongues to handle.  The evening is concluded with gifts for the kids like new clothes for school, new shoes, and small toys or games for the families. 

Christmas day is then reserved for the celebration of Jesus Christ only.  There are no gifts given or services.  The time is spent with families in fellowship while focusing on Jesus’ birth and what He will one day do for us all.  Please pray that the kids feel the love of Jesus Christ this Christmas and that they know in their hearts and their minds that He came to this earth specifically for each one of them. 

If you would like to help make these gifts and special traditions happen, please donate here. Thank you so much for sharing your love in a tangible way to our children!

Merry Christmas!

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