Meet The Boyer Family | Missionaries in Thailand

Meet The Boyer Family | Missionaries in Thailand

In 2006 when the pastor of their church in Hawaii asked them to take a scouting trip to check out ZOE Children’s Homes in Thailand, the Boyers were “too busy.” Ron was working for Hawaii’s governor and Cissy was selling real estate and homeschooling their two kids, and both were active as church leaders. But their pastor was insistent and – unbeknownst to the Boyers – so was God! So they went …

It was during that 10-day reconnaissance trip that Drake, then 12, along with his 10-year old sister Elli, walked up to Ron and Cissy and pronounced: “Dad, Mom. Elli and I have decided that we should move to Thailand and help ‘uncle and auntie’ save the kids!”

And so they did! The Boyers became ZOE missionaries and moved to Thailand full-time in December 2010 and have been loving it ever since. Drake and Elli enjoyed living in Thailand and flourished at the international school where they participated in varsity sports, student government, and community outreaches while also earning academic honors. They have since left Thailand to study at Wheaton College in Illinois where Drake is a junior majoring in chemistry and Elli a freshman leaning toward international relations. 

And the empty-nesters? Against all odds, they are somehow surviving without their kids telling them what to do!  Cissy is busier than ever at ZOE using all those hours saved from doing extra loads of laundry to teach the ZOE kids gymnastics, running her sports conditioning program for the ZOE family, heading up ZOE’s English department, teaching in the business school, managing the ZOE store, and overseeing the kitchen which serves 450 meal servings a day. Ron keeps busy working on policies, grant-writing, and donor fulfillment but gets out from behind his desk from time to time to teach in Bible school, English class, and a course in leadership. Both are active members of a local Thai church where Cissy teaches children’s church and Ron is privileged to preach on occasion. Both are diligently striving to learn to read and speak Thai in order to better serve God among the beautiful people of Thailand.

Of course the Boyers miss their friends and family in Hawaii – and the food – and the weather!  But in a very real sense, the Boyers have come to realize that going on the mission field has greatly increased their ohana – their family. As Cissy puts it:

“Our work with ZOE to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves has truly expanded our family.  From the many friends in the USA who partner with us, to the 11 missionary families and the wonderful Thai staff at ZOE, and especially all the children who live at ZOE Children’s Homes, we are surrounded by love on all sides!”

Though they have seen and heard many heartbreaking accounts involving the children they work with at ZOE and the children whom ZOE is working to rescue, the Boyers are constantly renewed by experiencing the power of God’s Spirit to rescue, restore, heal, and bring new life in even the darkest of circumstances. And they have been blessed beyond measure by witnessing the “childlike” faith of their Thai co-laborers at ZOE: a faith that relies on the Word of God to be true and that believes that what God says He will do, He will do!

Please pray for each of the Boyers – Ron, Cissy, Drake, and Elli – that their own faith will mature into that highest of levels – childlike – and that their lives would be an acceptable sacrifice, pleasing to God. 

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