Rescued Girl Hears Christmas Story For First Time

Rescued Girl Hears Christmas Story For First Time

Story told by Andrea Cross, Missionary in Thailand at ZOE Children’s Homes

She looks up at me and smiles, her eyes full of life,  “Where should I hang this one mum?”  As I look at the decoration in my daughter’s hand, it takes me back to when it arrived in Thailand in a box full of tinsel, balls and ornaments from some friends in Australia. Wreaths and home made crafts are hung from door handles around the house. And with the flick of a switch the Christmas tree lights glisten brightly in the living room.

Christmas was definitely on its way!

At about the same time, in a different home, down the road… just 20 minutes away, stands another little girl, the same age as my daughter.

This little girl also has a cute smile that immediately lights up the room as she enters.

As she looks up at her ZOE mother, she is hearing about Christmas for the very first time. 

“But I don’t understand” she murmurs intrigued, eyes wide.  “Tell me more.”

And as she asks her new parents to explain more about this Jesus and His amazing love, I wonder, “Where was she last Christmas morning as I sat cross-legged on the floor in pajamas, hair in a messy bun, laughing and passing presents, sipping hot cocoa and reading the story of the first Christmas with my children in the safety of our home?” 

“Where was this little girl?”

Sadly, I find out that she was rescued while wandering the bustling city streets.  She came to our attention after a report of a man who was working in the sex industry and who had a little girl with him. She was highly at risk in an extremely vulnerable situation, being put in places children should never be.

Even after years of hearing about these scenarios, it is hard to think about.  My mind just doesn’t want to go there and consider what this young girl has been exposed to…

Now, after having been at ZOE for only a short time, this precious girl’s new family is amazed at how quickly she has adapted to her new home.

With so many questions and with Christmas fast approaching, the excitement is building as she learns that the God who loves her has an amazing plan for her future.

We are so thankful for your support of ZOE!  When there is no relative or anyone else to care for a child, they come to ZOE to be loved and kept safe.

From the youngest child to the oldest among us, the Christmas message remains consistent: peace, joy, hope!  And, of course, for the children at ZOE that means LIFE!

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