Find The Children, Part 1

Find The Children, Part 1

written by our Director of Child Rescue

I’ve received orders before.  If there’s one thing I know how to do is follow orders.  The Marine Corps instilled that discipline in me and it was refined by twenty years in law enforcement.  But something in these words that I received from ZOE Co-Founder, Carol Hart has been ringing in my ears like no other orders before. 

It wasn’t just the words that were said to me, it was the passion behind the words that struck me.  I immediately identified with Carol’s heart as she gave me my orders.  “Find the children.”  It wasn’t a demand or a suggestion.  It was a passionate plea. 

I received these words in a ZOE Child Rescue vision casting meeting as my new position as Director of Child Rescue was discussed and shaped.  It’s been almost a week since the meeting and it’s as if the echo of these words is still resounding in my head. 

During this meeting we were outlining my duties and exploring where God wants to take ZOE Child Rescue in 2015.  Nothing of what was discussed was a surprise to me.  I knew why I was accepted by ZOE: to find and rescue children enslaved in labor and sex trafficking – no surprises here.  But now with the meeting over we were crossing the line of departure.  Now we were about to “lock and load” and start scanning the horizon for enemy activity. 

Nothing quickens my pulse more than the thought of using my experience and passion to snatch precious children from the hands of the enemy and place them into loving hands at ZOE.  Hands that will give them love, truth, and a chance for redemption.  I guess there’s something in every disciple that yearns for these type of orders – orders to engage the enemy to win back what was stolen from the Kingdom.  That which Jesus purchased by the cross is precious to us.  And what is more precious than the purity and innocence of children?

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